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Beer from Two Pot Brewing Co, Yackandandah, is delivered to the glass fresh, unadulterated, and informed by more than 20 years of brewing experience.

And here is how we do it: 

Ingredients: Water, Hops, Barley, Yeast. 

Method: Mill barley, heat water, add barley to water, sit, boil, hops, cool, yeast, ferment, cool, taste, keep refrigerated, taste, pour, repeat.

Two Pot Koelsch is an easy drinking straw coloured German ale. The initial aroma is from the sweet Czech Saaz hop, followed by the noble Tettnanger - which brings a little more floral and subtle spice flavour. Although it is a full strength beer, the Pilsner malt provides a lighter mouth feel. A little crispier and easier to drink, yet still an ale.
ABV 5.1%
Two Pot APA is our American ale that is subtly hopped (Galaxy for bittering and Cascade and Amarillo for flavour and aroma then dry Citra) and not overly complicated in malt (base of Ale, Crystal for colour and Wheat for head retention). This is an APA that gives a pleasant passionfruit citrus aroma, leaves a medium bitter palate, while also leaving the tongue in the mouth.
ABV 5.8%
Dunkel – meaning “dark” – is a Bavarian classic used to describe many a dark beer. Ours is copper in colour once you hold it up to the light, with a nice white foamy head. We brewed it as a one-off at the end of the line of a grain supply, and since then it has become one of our regulars. 
ABV 5.9%
Two Pot Black is a stout at home somewhere between imperial and modern dark. Fuggle hops and a good dose of chocolate malt provide an aroma of cocoa and liquorice and then add lightly roasted coffee for the palette. Crystal malt, roasted barley and wheat provide a full body feel and back come the Fuggles for a very gentle bittering at the finish.
Barrel aged for 12 months in 45 year old Tawny barrels , and then pulled by hand pump from a lightly chilled cask into tulip provides serving conditions that allows the flavours to show off.  
ABV 8.9%
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