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In the picture reel below is the first officially licensed Two Pot brewery. Brendan (left) is sampling the first run of Black that then found a home at hip inner-west bar Temperance Society Summer Hill.  

The kettle is supported by a metal stand that Brendan welded together after cutting a college bed apart. And yes, he also used those very same wooden slats upon which the mattress once was. The grain bag curtains were to keep out bees (who invaded each time our little kettle got boiling).

When this photo was taken - about 2014 - this was Two Pot in comparative luxury. Prior to having some actual garage space, on a brew day all the gear would be unpacked from a laundry, brewed in a courtyard, and packed back up again. "Brew gear" were kegs cut open, an eski, and a portable gas burner.

As things began to grow, so too did the number of pots. We began to acquire vessels that were once used in dairy farms. With some stainless steel fabrications, Two Pot was becoming respectable. 

We had to order kegs in bulk. Our first shipment were two crates of nine kegs. What would we do with so many? Yet so pleased with our new capital we spent a month of Sundays stencilling them with our  logo, and then hiding them under the house. 

After a full brew day, we had three kegs of product with some surplus for personal tasting and quality assurance (!). 

By 2017 we had built the brewery as it stands today - see the "brewery" page. We enjoy a strong partnership with the Star Hotel in Yackandandah, and still have a few regular haunts - The Snowline in Harrietville and Two Fingers in Albury.

Scroll through some of the early days photos below - you'll see that we truly are a ground-up family brewery. And we intend to stay that way. 

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